Why Do Cats Need Toys?

Cats are great pets, but they sometimes go too far when they're left to their own devices. To prevent this from happening, a cat owner can purchase various types of toys that provide entertainment and fun for the feline family members.

The purpose of cat toys is to keep cats entertained and mentally stimulated. Cats need mental stimulation in order to stay active, healthy and happy. Toys can help keep cats mentally stimulated by providing them with a variety of textures, sounds and shapes. You can browse https://intelligentliving.com/ to choose top-rated toys for your cat.

They can also help cats learn how to play and have fun. As cats age, they may lose the desire to play and become more inactive. Toys can help to rekindle their interest in playing and keep them active.

Some cat toys are made from materials that are not durable enough for chewing. In general, cat toys are made from fabrics, rubber, plastic or fleece materials. All of these materials can be chewed on by cats but some offer layers of outer material that is harder to chew through than others. 

Durable cat toys will have an outer layer that is tougher to chew through than the fabric or foam used in the toy itself. When you buy your cat a toy, make sure it is one that they will enjoy playing with. If it's too strong or difficult for them to chew on, they may not be likely to play with it at all.