Website Optimization Through Behavioral Targeting

When visiting Amazon's website, users are greeted with a homepage that shows not only recent purchases but also recent searches. How does Amazon do it so well? They do well with behavioral targeting. Also many people use Amazon advertising (PPC) to optimize their product. 

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Image Source: Google

Behavioral targeting is a process used to target specific audiences and preferred customers with software analytics tools and techniques to return to a website. Therefore, when users visit many large sites, they can find their purchase history as well as a list of their favorites that appears in front of them when they log in. 

Additionally, they will see ads related to their purchase history and will be shown similar favorite items and lists. Companies like Yahoo and Amazon will hire web marketers who specialize in behavioral psychology to study their customer base to see what they like and don't like about their websites. 

This is done using A/B tests. In A/B testing, for example, a marketing company commissioned by Amazon creates identical websites that are open to the public. When users use the site, their actions are recorded and analyzed with A/B tests. At the end of the testing phase, marketing company Amazon will present the results.

Based on insights from A/B testing, Amazon can then optimize its website to meet the needs of its repeat customers and new users. This in turn will generate more traffic on Amazon's website and thus optimize more revenue for Amazon.