Weatherstripping Or Door Replacement To Keep Out The Cold?

For hundreds of years, weather stripping has been used in some way to stop drafts. The first versions used strips of paper or rags to close tiny gaps around door and window openings. 

These were not very efficient, and eventually, these materials gave way to more modern materials that are more effective. You can also hire the best door replacement in Chandler from at reasonable prices.

How to Choose Weather Stripping for Your Home

The most common materials are felt and open-cell foam. They are easy to install and inexpensive. However, they are not practical for high traffic areas as they are easily damaged or lost. Felt or open-cell foam can be used for three to four years.

Vinyl is easy to apply, and it's waterproof (which foam and felt aren’t). It is also more durable than foam and felt. Vinyl is also more durable than foam, so it shouldn't matter if the price is a little higher. Vinyl can last up to five years.

What amount do you need?

Weatherstripping can be installed by you, but you need to measure accurately and calculate the amount of material you will require. Add up the perimeters of all the openings and subtract approximately 10% for any cutting mistakes or waste.