Understanding Different Types of Forensic Investigations

A forensic investigation is a practice of legally establish the evidence and facts that will be presented in a court of law. In modern times, the term is used for almost all investigations, ranging from computer crime to murder. When most people think about the forensic investigation, they think about crime scene investigation, but there are other forms of forensic investigation. 

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There are number types of forensic investigation very good part of a criminal investigation in felonies or crimes. Some kind of pioneering forensic investigations are mentioned below:

  • Forensic Anthropology:

Bone Analysisbone anthropological knowledge and techniques in the context of the law: forensic anthropology. This involves detailed knowledge of osteology (skeletal anatomy and biology) to assist in the identification and cause of death from skeletal remains and the recovery of the remains using archaeological techniques.

  • DNA Profiling

It helps in the disputed father, son swapping either accidentally or deliberately, the property of hereditary cases, immigration disputes, etc.

  • Physical Evidence: Fibre, Stain, and Hair Analysis

Handwriting analysis: engaging in producing a personality profile writers to examine the characteristics, properties and the stroke of a person's handwriting.

  • Audio & Video Authentication Division

Identification of the speakers of the audio device and the authentication of the video images and photographs.

A forensic investigation is an evolution to the solution of the majority of criminal cases is now very effective. Forensic science is to make the prosecution of offenders easier by making the evidence collected at the scene is undeniable.