Top Blockchain Platforms To consider In 2022

Blockchain platforms are gaining popularity because they can streamline supply chains, improve traceability, and simplify trade. This platform is built upon an older blockchain platform that has its own problems in terms of speed and energy consumption.

The modern blockchain platforms were designed to overcome these limitations and provide value for business applications. According to him, many companies are using blockchain platforms to fulfill their application needs. To find out the best blockchain networks visit

Menon is interested in areas that require multi-party cooperation. Menon sees great potential in blockchain platforms being used for certain functions of ERP like supply chain management.

Alex-Paul Manders, the director of Information Services Group is an IT advisory firm. Decentralized finance is a major driver of new business models, and it poses significant threats for traditional banking, finance, and supply chain finance.

These are nine of the best blockchain platforms that you should be considering:

1. Ethereum

In 2013, Ethereum was launched. In 2013, Ethereum was introduced. It also owns Ether, a cryptocurrency. Decentralized apps that are built on the Ethereum network are being adopted by many technologists. Many observers believe that this will change once Ethereum implements a more secure security system.

Over 250 members are part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, including JPMorgan and Intel. It also has an active developer community.

2. IBM Blockchain

Manders stated, IBM Blockchain, a private decentralized blockchain network, is the most popular among clients who are more cautious about taking on risks. Manders believes the greatest potential lies in its ability to seamlessly connect to legacy technologies and the enterprise cloud.

3. Hyperledger Fabric

IBM and The Linux Foundation championed Hyperledger Fabric, a set of tools that can help build blockchain applications.