How To Hire A DUI Attorney: The Benefits And Charges

If you are facing DUI criminal charges, it is wise to consult a DUI (Driving under the Influence) lawyer.

It is always beneficial to have a DUI lawyer in Glendale on your side if you find yourself in a difficult situation. These attorneys can help you out of tight DUI cases.

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Charges involved

Numerous DUI attorneys are available, different driving-under-influence lawyers have different charges. Some of the main reasons behind the different charges of DUI attorneys are reputation, level of experience, location of their practice, and the difficulty level of the case. 

It is possible that the lawyer may ask for a retainer in advance which is again included in the hourly charges or may be charged at a fixed rate. Irrespective of what the attorney does, ensure that you get a written agreement that has the details of the fees charged.


You may make a bargain with the district attorney and take a plea however, it does not ensure the jail time getting reduced. If you have a good DUI lawyer fighting the case for you then the jail time may get reduced or if possible eliminated.

Another important benefit of hiring a reputed DUI attorney is they can find technicalities that could help to quickly dismiss the charges or get them reduced.

A common man can never find loopholes in such cases which are very easy to detect by an experienced DUI attorney.