How Hypnosis Works in Your Brain

You might be curious about hypnosis. When learning about a subject for the first time, it is ok to be skeptical. This allows you to ask new questions and helps you understand the subject better. What is the first thing you think about hypnosis? Do you want to learn how does hypnosis works? 

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Half of you probably thought of the man wearing a pocket watch that bobs back and forth while he tried to get them to sleep. You might have thought of the stage magician who makes people do ridiculous things in front of large audiences. It is important to get rid of any preconceived ideas about hypnosis before we can understand how it works.

Self-hypnosis can be applied to all types of hypnosis. It doesn't matter if you do it yourself or have a hypnotherapist help you. This is because regardless of the person guiding you, your mind is still in control. You decide the direction of your hypnosis session, whether it is conscious or subconscious.

There are four levels of brain activity in the human mind.

Beta- The highest-level state, when we are fully awake and conscious.

Delta- refers to the lowest level. This is when we are either asleep or unconscious.

Alpha and Theta are the levels between being awake and asleep. These are the most relaxed states of mind when self-hypnosis is used.

Your subconscious will be in a state of heightened awareness once your mind is in a state of trance. When this happens, you can make suggestions to your subconscious that will help you achieve your goals. Your mind will believe the suggestions more often and more frequently if you keep repeating them.

You will find it easier to achieve hypnosis with persistence and daily practice. As you repeat the suggestions to your brain, you will start to notice improvements in your habits and behavior.