Top Things You Learn In a First Aid Course in Kent

You probably already have an idea of what a first aid course can teach you. However, if you are curious to learn more, here is a breakdown of some of the most important things you can learn during a first aid course.

• Head injury: You will learn to recognize internal and external head injuries and to provide immediate assistance to victims, e.g. proper wound disinfection or use of suitable head bandages.

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• Burns: In a first aid course, participants learn how to recognize and treat burns caused by fire, electric shock or chemicals. You will also learn how to treat other symptoms that may be associated with burns, such as: Inhalation of smoke.

• Poisoning: A first aid course shows you the various manifestations of poisoning with different substances (drugs, pills, alcohol poisoning, chemicals) and shows some simple maneuvers that can make the prognosis of the victim easier, e.g. Use of charcoal or brine.

• Bleeding: During a first aid course, you will learn how to use a compression bandage to stop external bleeding. You will also understand the symptoms, which can help you identify internal bleeding, and some simple movements that can prolong the victim's survival, such as: raising the legs above the head and heart to keep blood flowing to the victim.

• Fracture: First aid training shows how to immobilize a broken limb or bone before bringing the victim to more specialized medical care. During the first aid course, you will also learn how to distinguish between an open fracture and a closed fracture.