All About Types of Cranes In Sydney

When it comes to lifting or loading heavy loads, there are plenty of different mobile or static cranes of different weights, sizes, and lifting capacities. In the process of choosing the right type of crane to match the task, it is necessary to consider both the weight of the load and the radius to lift the load.

Here are three of the most common cranes used in the construction and other industries:

 All-Terrain cranes

All-terrain cranes are also one of the most popular types of cranes available in the marketplace. You can easily hire all terrain cranes according to your requirement.

Truck crane

Mobile cranes are truck-mounted or on wheels and are the most popular machines for working heavy loads. They are a common sight for a wide variety of construction projects, including those involving pipelines, buildings, bridges, or highway maintenance.

Most mobile cranes have lifting capacities in the 3 to 50 tonnes range and can stand at heights of up to 450 feet with the boom fully extended.

Tower crane

Any major construction project will rely on tower cranes to lift large tools, steel, concrete, or other heavy materials. Cranes of this type are assembled and disassembled on site due to their size, with many standing at several hundred feet. The load capacity varies depending on the radius of the lifting arm.

Marine cranes

Marine cranes are specially designed to be attached to marine vessels or around the coast. With the crane mounted on the boat, heavy loads are lifted and placed elsewhere on land or in water.