Several Types of Garden Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting or garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor lighting for gardens, public landscapes, and private properties. There are two main purposes for which landscape lighting is focused. The first is aesthetics and the second is security.

The first step to lighting up your garden is knowing what you want to highlight. There are several ways to light up your garden, including:

Path lighting – whether you have a side pathway that leads to a gate or a path that leads to the end of your garden, even a simple guide light can help transform the exterior of your home. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a safe way to navigate your garden. You can type landscape lighting nearby in your browser's search box to avail the benefits of landscape design services.

Flower Lighting – A typical garden has flower beds nestled around a fence. By adding lights to your flowerbed and pointing them at a hedge or small tree/shrub, you can help distract from the grass, which always makes the garden feel more spacious.

Tree Lighting – If your yard is full of trees, bring them to life with lighting fixtures. Only one lamp placed under each tree can be tilted toward the trunk to create a stunning visual effect with bold shadows.

Deck Lighting – The deck can be lit in a variety of ways to create a great display. Embedding lamps in wood panels, around seating areas, or stairs can really take your breath away.

Functional Lighting – A garden without plants can make your furniture stand out with functional lighting. Even the simplest design features can look stunning with the right lighting.