Root Canal – An Expert in Saving Teeth

Injuries to the teeth, gum disease, deep cavities, or broken teeth – all of these can lead to infection of the teeth. Internal tooth decay can even lead to tooth loss if not treated on time.

Root canal treatment is one of the procedures used to clean the infected claws from the teeth and revitalize them. You can also look for the best dentist via for your dental problems.

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Dentin has space where the dental pulp is stored, which is responsible for the supply of the tooth. The pulp is basically smooth and can easily become infected if there is a cavity or tear caused by germs.

When the infection reaches the pulp, the disintegration process starts quickly and can cause problems such as swollen gums and pain when chewing. The pulp chamber contains a network of nerves which, when collapsed, increases the sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold objects.

If you experience tingling while drinking cold water, you should immediately consult a dentist, because it may occur in the root canal.

The success rate of root canal therapy is quite good, but that does not mean that the infection cannot break down the tooth again. You need to take special care of your oral health to make sure you don't have to undergo other dental procedures.

Regular visits to the dentist, regular and careful brushing habits are the best ways to control germs. Quitting smoking is highly recommended as it can quickly worsen the health of your entire mouth. Call your dentist as soon as possible if there are signs of a tooth infection and they will save your tooth.