Plastic Pallets- Are They Better Then Wood Pallets?

Plastic pallets are becoming better known as compared to wooden ones. It is evident since plastic pallet has numerous advantages over wooden, that its use will continue to rise. So, what are these advantages that we hear of? Here is a compilation of some of the prominent ones:

Consistent size and shape: These are produced using injection-molding technology and due to regular quality control their weight is constant.

Unaffected by moisture, fat, acids, solvents, and chemicals: They will not absorb in case of an accident, don't absorb acids and alkalis that can affect the integrity of the export pallets.

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Resistant to insects and diseases: Plastic is not a favorable environment for fungi and mold growth and termites can not infest the pallets as they do wooden ones.

Easy to clean: They can be repeatedly steam cleaned or washed, to remove any contamination which accumulates on the pallets over a period of time. They resist high-pressure water and steam, which makes them suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. This factor makes it more hygienic in comparison to wooden pallets.

Safer handling: Plastic pallets don't have sharp edges, splinters, and nails either. Using it makes handling safe.

Space savers: Don't take as much space in a warehouse and during transport.

Meets the export requirements: Easy and problem-free export shipment, because the plastic pallets do not require expensive sirex treatment.

Weighs less: As compared to a wooden pallet, an average plastic pallet weighs 25-30 % less. Therefore, less energy is required for transporting; which eventually reduces transport charges. In the event of transporting by airplane, this is a big advantage.

Longer service life: It is said to be 10 times longer than wooden pallets.

Weather-resistant: Can be stored out of doors and does not require protection against moisture.