Online Marketing Campaigns For Small Businesses

SEO is the key goal for online marketing of a small business. This means getting your website ranked highly by Google and other search engines so people can find you without knowing your business name.

There are lots of marketing and communication channels open to a small business to promote itself including social media strategies, website analytics and SEO strategy. Developing an effective online marketing campaign for your small business should be the centre of your effective overall small business marketing strategy.

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So what are the key aspects of an effective online marketing campaign for your business:

1. Identify your target: This will assist you in the development or redevelopment of your website making sure you are using the right keywords for SEO and placing them well.

2. What do you want to spend: You can achieve SEO with a limited budget but you may achieve it faster by spending some money on a web developer who specialises in SEO and social media strategies. It can though be easily done yourself, you just have to know how.

3. Choose your platforms: What are you going to use, and what are you competent at using for your online marketing campaign? If you know a little about Facebook then it can be easily used for online marketing. 

Same goes for Twitter. Do you know much about social bookmarking, using images for SEO and so on? And don't forget email marketing. Make sure your message is consistent and co-ordinated using a variety of marketing channels.

4. Build trust: Online marketing is all about trust marketing. This means promoting your credibility not your product or service. Social media is a great marketing channel for businesses to do this.