Natural Health and Beauty – Using Essential Oils for Healing Your Skin

Health and beauty trends depend on the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. Skincare is no exception, and more women realize that the purity of what they do on their skin is as important as what they eat. The skin is the largest and generally permeable organ of substances placed on it.

This is very important in wound healing because the skin can be damaged and more sensitive. Enter essential oil; Drugs that are reduced by strong plants have been used for years to treat skin conditions, increase the beauty, and promote welfare. Oil has been found very helpful in the regeneration of the skin that suffers from accidents or operations, or who has signs left in keloid, zits, or other scars. A mixture of certain essential oils can accelerate the time of healing, reducing or removing scars from wounds recently, and even greatly reduces the old appearance. You can also purchase the best organic sunflower oil via

Helichrysum is the basis for much mixed healing skin and can be used alone in a synergistic carrier oil such as rosehip seeds. This combination may be all needed to accelerate the healing of fresh wounds, although a little lavender oil is often added. Kurt Schnaubelt, one of America's leading aromatherapy, notes in the classic guide "Aromatherapy Advanced" that Helichrysum essential oil and rosehip seeds can "heal wounds with little or without scar tissue."

Essential oils mentioned here must be diluted in a carrier oil for daily applications. In aromatherapy, more is no better! Many studies show the effectiveness of great essential oils in low concentrations by oil carrier or nuts. Two of the most widely used basic oil for skincare is rosehip and hazelnut seed oil.

Rosehip seeds have many uses that are documented in skincare, with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A that are unsaturated and compounds. Rosehip seeds have the ability to support network regeneration such as Retin A but without side-drying or exchange side effects. Hazelnut oil is the most well-tolerated of all oil operators and, with light astringent properties, can be used even on very oily skin.