Know About The Six Features Of MultiPro Tailgate

GMC has worked hard to make the new GMC Sierra one of the most functional pickups on the market. It has many innovations for GMC, including a new MultiPro tailgate system that gives for severe storage updates and additional functionality.  You can also visit Tailgate Fix to know more about the features of mutipro tailgate.

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Learn more about the six functions of the MultiPro tailgate system below.

Primary Gate

The main gate opens like a traditional folding hatchback and can be lowered manually or electrically via a button on the gate itself or a set of keys.

Primary Gate Load Stop

When the main door is open, a small hinged load limiter can be raised to prevent your stored items from slipping out of the vehicle bed.

Simple access

The inner gate is the central part of the main gate. It can be folded down to the floor to create added space to take things in the truck bed.

Full-width step

The inner door can be lowered in several ways, including a ladder for easy entry and exit. The stage weighs up to 375 pounds.

Inner Gate Load Stop

The inner gate can also be folded vertically to prevent items stored higher in the tailgate from falling.

Inner Gate with Work Surface

Finally, the inner gate can be folded to create a flat work surface that can be used as a moving table or work surface for mobile projects.