Know About Lavaux Wine Region

Lavaux is among the most beautiful wine regions of Switzerland with its dramatic vineyards that drop to Lake Geneva and face France towards the south. More than 800 hectares of uninterrupted vineyards are dotted across the high hillsides along the lake. Le Lavaux vineyards have been planted here since the time of the Romans.

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The structure that is safeguarded from destruction by UNESCO is Laveau's stone walls and terraces that monks constructed around 1000 years ago to safeguard the vineyards from erosion. Additionally, there is a great benefit to those terraces. As winemaker Benjamin Massy explains in this interview on his experience in the Lavaux wines region (and Sub appellations) and its wine, terroir, and climate:

Luc Massy Vins is currently entering the fourth generation of winemakers. Benjamin as well as his son Gregory are taking control over Luc who continues to oversee the family's vineyard in Lavaux. The average size of the domain in Lavaux is 3.5 hectares. Lavaux area is 3.5 acres and they are more than average, with 10 acres (although only 1.7 acres are owned by the company and the remainder is leasable). With nine acres of Chasselas, this is their most famous grape, however, Benjamin has added two reds in the collection – a fruity and spicy Gamay and an edgy and spicy Merlot blend.