Intelligent Call Center Software for Agents

Along with many advanced features, the intelligent call center software also offers all traditional features. The traditional features, however, are not as they are in traditional solutions.This is the reason a majority of center solutions offer more features to agents than a supervisor.

Nowadays, most in-demand and advanced center software solution is intelligent center software. The intelligent developers enhance those features to deliver the best output and help agents perform better.

Also, quality assurance (QA) in call centers is a process that ensures you're performing according to the standards of your company. So you can also get quality assurance or qa in call center from

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Reports are important in any business. The managers review the performance of different campaigns by reviewing the reports and management can review the progress of the company.

Generally, call center software solutions offer many reports. However, these reports are accessible to only supervisors and admin.

On the other hand, the intelligent call center solution offers reports to supervisors and management, and at the same time, it also provides reports to agents. Based on the provider, there can be different reports available to agents such as:

  • Agent sessions report
  • Customer chat report
  • Missed call report
  • Callback report
  • Voicemail report

And more. Agents can review these reports to improve their performance.