Information About Oktoberfest In Kitchener

Munich Oktoberfest rightly claims to be the biggest folklore festival in the world. Over the last decade, it has attracted an average of about six million visitors a year, consumed nearly seven million liters of beer, and ate thousands of grilled sausages, chicken, giant pretzels, and – for those who wanted to enjoy it – game cows.

The nearly two-week festival takes place every year in the meadows in front of the gates of Munich's city center. You can also get information about best oktoberfest 2021 kitchener via the web.

Oktoberfest 2021

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In addition to eating, drinking, and dancing, visitors can enjoy colorful parades, stroll through the varied night markets, and for those who are not in traditional Bavarian venues, admire those who are.

Although the festival ends in October, most of it takes place in September. This year's date is Saturday, September 22 – Sunday, October 7th. The original Oktoberfest in October 1810 was held in honor of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghausen. 

For five days, Munich residents are invited to eat, drink and have fun, with parades with drums and music, gunfights, and horse racing around the meadows on the outskirts of the city. 

Everyone was having so much fun that it was decided to have a competition every year. There are occasional disturbances, but this year the Oktoberfest is taking place for the 185th time.