Improving The Look Of A Building With External Timber Cladding In Newcastle

External timber covering used to be a rough wood planking used on farm buildings like barns and sheds. Now, timber cladding has been improved and redesigned to be a great material for external cladding of both residential and commercial buildings. Covering external walls of new or existing buildings with external timber cladding can be an environmentally friendly and attractive solution. You can also get the best timber cladding in Newcastle via

If you are wondering just what a timber cladding wall is and how it is applied, read on. Timber covering is made of wood boards or planks applied to the outside of a two-wall construction. You will have the inner wall with a space filled with insulation, a waterproof membrane and a ventilation cavity, then the outer wall of timber cladding. Thin boards, or battans, are attached to the inner wall to support the timber cladding wall.

The timber covering is fastened by nails or screws to the battans. It is installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally using tongue and groove or shiplap joints, or sometimes open joints or overlapped joints like siding.

There are a variety of woods used for timber covering depending on the look customers want. Some of the woods used, like European redwood, whitewood, and pine need to be treated with preservatives. Other woods like western red cedar, European larch, and douglas fir, oak and sweet chestnut need no preservative treatment after the sapwood has been removed from them. There are very attractive timbers covering choices among these wood choices. Woodworks with acoustical wall panels in many buildings.