How to Pick Best Microphone in Budget?

Aside from which room you plan to make your recording, your microphone is the most crucial piece of equipment you need. It is important to remember that there is not a microphone that can do everything. The criteria you need to consider is what makes you happy, that can meet your needs, and what meets your budget.

For those who are looking for affordable microphones rode, the trick is to find the most microeconomic giving the highest quality.

1. Rode NTK

This mic is a tube condenser and is good for recording engineers on a budget, and excellent sound quality. It is suited for voice but can also be used to record amps, drums, instruments and piano.

Image Source: Goolge

2. Audio Technica AT2020

This mic is a Micro USB cardioid condenser which makes it ideal for home studios. It has a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and is well suited for use with vocals.

3. Electro Voice PL-44

This mic is a super cardioid dynamic microphone is best for those who have tight budgets but still need a good exit. With its sufficient deleting comments, this microphone is suitable for recording all tracks.

3. Shure Beta 58A

This is a super-cardioid dynamic microphone is good for the studio and the live setting. It is designed for wholesale voice plan. The microphone provides a 50 Hz frequency response up to 16 kHz and has a die-cast construction.