How To Manage Your Vacation Rental

Owning a vacation rental business can be fun and exciting. This allows you to use it when you want and rent it out and make money when it's empty. Rental income helps fund the maintenance of your property and can ultimately provide the additional funds needed for other projects. Managing yourself will save 20-30% compared to hiring a Premium Hausverwaltung Service(also known as property management services in the English language) company.

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If you plan to manage it yourself, here are some simple tips to keep things running smoothly. The first and perhaps the most important rule is to organize and stay organized. That means creating a system that works for you.

Start a diary to record all questions about your property. Write down their name, address, phone number and email address, the number of people in their group, and the date they want to rent. Keep this information regardless of whether you end up hiring or not.

In the second half of your calendar, record all bookings for your property.

Run two email lists and store each query in the first list and each tenant in the second list. Send special offers, cancellations, or available weeks to email in the appropriate list.

Keep good and accurate records of your rental income, deposits and refunds, and all your household expenses. Keep everything you need for your rental business in one place. That makes it easier for you at the end of the year.