How to Choose Your First Guitar Fuzz Pedal?

It is important to choose the right fuzz pedal. The right equipment or tools to express your voice is crucial. The wrong fuzz pedal can make your guitar play less enjoyable. The most important step in choosing the right fuzz pedal for you is to decide what music genre it will be used for. You can also learn more about fuzz pedals through Are you going to be playing thrash metal or country music?

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Most effects pedals can be tuned to suit any genre. Although this is not always true, it's enough to make the beginner understand how effects pedals work. Once you have determined the music genre, you will need to match it with your fuzz pedal. Let's look at some classic sub-categories of fuzz pedals:

Fuzz-Fuzz pedals were once thought to be the preserve of classic rockers like Hendrix. But, modern artists such as the White Stripes are seeing some incredible results.

Ike Turner and The Kinks created their iconic tones using used speaker cabinets. Ike Turner dropped him in the street while walking into Sun Records to record Rocket 88. The Kinks then cut their speakers with knives, or so the legends say. Their tone changed the world, no matter how they did it. You can call it distortion or fuzz. However, when you look at the progression of these speakers to the fuzz boxes that were built to replicate those tones, it's clear to me that Turner and Davies created/stumbled across fuzz.

Once you have matched your musical style to the fuzz pedal that is most closely associated with it, the fun part begins: testing them.