How to Choose a Pick-and-Pack Fulfillment Service in Canada

Pick-and-pack is a form of value-added service that is an integral part of supply chain management. As a result, finding an effective pick-and-pack fulfillment service can lead to numerous benefits in efficiency and effectiveness within any shipping or supply operation. 

There are many important things to keep in mind when choosing which company to outsource your pick-and-pack fulfillment services to. Pick-and-pack is best understood as a form of centralized distribution. You can opt for pick and pack service in Canada via

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Under a pick-and-pack fulfillment service, products are shipped en masse to a central location—usually a warehouse run by your company or a third-party partner. 

     Why Outsource to an Order Fulfillment Company?

Outsourcing to a third-party fulfillment company is extremely beneficial for most small- to medium-sized businesses. 

These are businesses that have the sales volume to require supply chain management but which lack the funds, infrastructure, or other resources to do things like maintain or run a warehouse long term. 

Working with a third-party fulfillment provider allows you to get the following at a manageable rate you can actually afford:

1. Warehouse space tailored to your unique needs.

2. Numerous value-added services like pick-and-pack, kitting, and more.

3. Experienced and flexible warehouse workers who can adapt as your inventory needs change.

4. Warehouse and inventory management systems to provide full visibility on the supply chain.

Lean Supply Solutions is a leader in supply chain management and all of its associated services, including pick-and-pack. Efficiency and effectiveness are a core part of the Lean Methodology that is used to capture value and speed at every stage of operations.