How To Avoid Public Restrooms While Traveling

Traveling is something a lot of people do every day, whether it's for work, school, or fun. It can be such a hassle having to find places to stay and washrooms when you're in a new place! Wouldn't it be great if you could take the stress out of finding places to pee? As it turns out, all those steps you have to go through – from deciding where to go and what time to go there – are not necessary! In this article, you will learn about some ways that transient restrooms are unique in certain areas of the world.

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What Transient Restrooms Are

If you're planning on traveling to a public restroom, be sure to know about the different types of restrooms available. Transient restrooms are typically open for a very short amount of time, usually for no more than an hour or two. These restrooms are often located in tourist destinations, amusement parks, and other places where large crowds are present. 

If you need to use a public restroom while on your travels, be aware that these facilities can be scarce and crowded. Try to schedule your trip around times when transient restrooms are more likely to be available or plan to use a bathroom at your hotel or another location where it is less likely that you will encounter large crowds.


How To Use a Public Restroom Safely

Not all public restrooms are created equal. You may be surprised to know that there are specific places where it's safest to use the restroom, and others where you're more likely to experience problems. Here are four tips for avoiding public restrooms while traveling: 

1. Use a Public Restroom Locally Known For Security. 

2. Avoid Rest Areas on Interstate Highways and Major Freeways. 

3. Use Rest Areas That Are Close To Your Destination. 

4. Use the Rest Area's Facilities if Necessary.