How Gamification Can Improve Your Businesses

Gamification has been around for a long time now with the earliest known use of the term dating back to 1990. The history of gamification is as colorful as it is complicated. It was originally used in military training to break down complex tasks and make them more simple, but its usage has since expanded onto other fields like health care, finance, education, and even marketing. 

The purpose of gamification is to motivate employees or maximize productivity among the public through fun means that are achievable without the risk of real repercussions. The most important reason to use gamification is that it brings fun to your business. It also motivates employees, attracting them to work harder. Gamify your business via Goama can also be effective in terms of customer engagement and revenue streams. 

Gamification in the Workplace

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Developers love to use gamification because it’s a fun way of designing games that interact with players. Gamification can be used for any kind of app, from a simple quiz to an elaborate gaming app. It can be used for both entertainment and social engagement.

Gamification is a strategy to improve the learning process and increase engagement. Gamification basically means that you add the element of the game in something or method. When you do it with a method or thing that doesn’t have any game elements, you are just doing gamification. The most common type of gamification is a game, but it can also be anything that has the potential of becoming a game. This can also apply to certain types of websites where the design is designed for game playing and the user is invited to participate in that.

There are many types of gamification. Some examples include the following:

  • Grading Customers 
  • Contest & Achievers 
  • Leaderboards 
  • Rewards