Helpful Tips to Put an End to Thumb and Finger Sucking

Thumb sucking is something that many children do. Parents may find it difficult to understand why their child doesn't stop thumb sucking. As your child gets older and is about to go to school, you may want to reduce thumb sucking.

Reducing your child's thumb-sucking is a difficult process as it is their usual habit. Here are some tips to help you reduce thumb sucking without overwhelming anyone. You can also purchase thumb sucking device via

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Talk With the Dentist

If you worry too much about thumb sucking, which will damage your child's teeth in the long run, it's a good idea to talk to your child's dentist before trying any of my tips for reducing thumb sucking. Ask your child's dentist about your thumb sucking problem to determine if there are health reasons why your child is no longer thumb sucking.

Offer a Replacement

Sometimes children suck their thumbs out of stress. If so, try to find something that will replace your child's stress or anxiety that is causing thumb sucking. You can use a nice rock, a stress ball like this one, or a light stuffed animal that can be a substitute for thumb sucking due to stress or your child's anxiety.

Learn New Copying Skills

When your child is feeling bored, anxious, sad, nervous, etc., they tend to suck their thumbs rather than coping mechanisms. Teach them other strategies on how to deal with their feelings. Listening to music, taking walks, petting the dog, playing with the rotating mechanism can help your child deal with it.