Guide on Buying Dog Clothes

We all love our canine friends and we are also happy to buy a lot of things to pamper our dogs. One of the many dog's associates that have become more popular over the years is dog clothes. Dog coats and clothing went from a niche market to a more acceptable position in recent years and there are many brands of dog clothing to choose from now.

Nay Sayers

But there are still many people who mock or advocate against dog clothes. So let's set a few things straight: "The dogs have the fur so they do not need clothing" In fact, in many places in the winter it can be so cold that many dogs(especially small ones) require some type of protection. A thick coat or sweater will be very helpful. 


To ensure a correct fit it is necessary to measure the dog's sizes. Always check the size chart and guidance when buying a new brand. Dog clothing sizes are not uniform and one brands Small can be another brands Medium. If the dog measurement falls between two sizes, it is recommended to choose a larger size.


As like any other purchase, try to read some reviews about the product and/or company. Do they deliver what they promise? Many brands of dog clothes use fabric that is very cheap, do not be fooled by the low price of the item that is still promising high quality. Unless there is a clearance sale of course, then by all means shop till you drop!