Flexees Firm Control Waist and Thigh Shaper slim

The Flexees line body shaper has ushered in a revolution to clothing for women. Gone are the days of the win over corsets and girdles crush ribs.

Today, with lines forming Flexees of the body you have the ultimate in convenience and performance that is available to you. Here we want to look at one of the lower parts of their body shaper, Control Office Waist Thigh Shaper, and slim. By reading this article you can get the best information about waist trainers, shapers, activewear, and dresses.

Flexees Firm Control Waist and Thigh Shaper slim

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This gives the pieces forming part of high brief with less stringent controls. Pelvic area has been built in a lace panel that allows for smooth out and gives shape to your midsection without showing a seam line. Cut leg and thigh area are also higher and it will give you an allowance that is easy to move.

Soft and comfortable material allows for hours of easy wear. Because you form the abdomen, hips, and thighs will be able to increase the hourglass looking body shape and figure. Thighs have long legs tubular sections which give added shape and smoothing. It also has included forming the crotch split to make it easier to use.

By forming the waist and thigh shaper you can smooth lines and flatten out the bumps under your body. Flexees have developed their proprietary blend fabrics to offer you the ultimate in control. The body shaper has front and rear panels are mostly made of nylon with some elastane for added flexibility and memory.

Gusset produced from one hundred percent cotton to allow breathing and cool you down as your body temperature increases. No side seams with this body shaper, so no thick bulge threaded attendance to dig into your skin.