Five Reasons Why Parents Choose a Catholic School Education?

Here are 5 common reasons why parents choose Catholic schools for their children.

Parents believe that their child's teacher should be a moral role model. Studies show  that "strong moral values" are the number one reason parents send their children to Catholic schools. 

you can join the best Catholic school in Cairns via Many parents who choose Catholic schools want their children's schooling to be a continuation of what they learn at home. They seek influence over their children that reflects their religious beliefs and moral choices.

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Daily exposure to the Catholic faith is important in developing a strong religious foundation. Daily teaching in the Catholic faith forms a solid foundation for children. Statistically, Catholic high school graduates go to church more often than adults. 

Church and school communities create communities for families. Families who have children in community schools find it easier to develop a sense of community with their community friends. Opportunities for communication, friendship and service are available to families, creating a warm and welcoming community. For those who have no other family in the area, this can be very important and their church and school can be an important center.

Catholic education is a relatively affordable private school. Private tuition can be expensive, but many Catholic schools and dioceses offer generous tuition assistance programs for needy parish families.