Different Varieties Of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are one of the most popular and affordable solutions for shipping goods for e-commerce today. They are durable, weather-resistant, and available in a variety of materials including 100% recycled and lined with bubble wrap. In some cases, sending fragile items or items that don't fit in the post itself may not be the best idea. Poly mailing bags are easier to store as compare to cardboard boxes and are able to be customized with attractive design components to enhance your brand and make a statement on delivery.

Poly mailer varieties:

In fact, there are many different types to choose from:

Layflat Poly Mailer:

Layflat poly mailers are basically the industry standard. If you've ever ordered something from a popular eCommerce company, you probably received it in direct mail. This is a flat plastic bag that can hold a wide variety of items, perfect for items that don't need a lot of padding, and can be comfortably fastened with a seal with tape.

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Clear Poly Mailer:

Clear polymers are a good choice for shipping printed materials such as catalogs, brochures, and magazines. They are completely transparent on one side (so they are clearly visible) with an opaque back, which is ideal for postage, labels, and other shipping information.

Poly Mailer Extension:

The Expansion Poly Mailer has elastic and wear-resistant seams on the sides, which also makes shipping bulky items easy. They're great for shipping bulky items like jackets, t-shirts, books, or covers.

Reusable Poly Mailer:

Reusable poly mailers are a popular way to ship products and plan possible returns in advance (and are often included with the original shipment). They have two self-adhesive stickers that give customers the opportunity to easily return orders directly to their recipient address.