Canadas Fulfillment Center VS Warehouse

A warehouse is just a large building used to store products. There are many types of warehouses, including eCommerce fulfillment warehouses and distribution centers. 

Fulfillment center in Canada handle the logistics required to get an order to a customer's doorstep, eliminating the need for you to package, address, and ship each order yourself.

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Warehouse stores products. They can be used for long-term storage or as short-term storage locations for supplies. Some companies own and operate private warehouses; others rent space in public warehouses. Bonded warehouses can be used to store imported goods before the importer pays import duties.

Warehouses are typically static spaces with few employees and little movement of goods most days. An exception is warehouses that offer other services, such as Fulfillment or Distribution.

The logistics center transports products. A fulfillment center is a place of high activity; Although there are shelves to store goods, the center of fulfillment is for order delivery, not long-term storage. 

The fulfillment center is staffed by partners who process incoming inventory, select products for order fulfillment, package and label shipments and ship them to customers. They serve as links in the supply chain between production and the final consumer.

A fulfillment center may also be called an order fulfillment center or 3PL. Some large companies have dedicated fulfillment centers; Most e-commerce businesses use the services of third-party logistics companies and rely on their fulfillment centers.