Architectural Foam Shapes For All of Your Home Improvement Projects

Architectural foam products are becoming increasingly popular for use and design in residential construction. As the range of products on offer expands, so does the awareness of their benefits and uses. Light and easy to install, once you put them up, you won't understand the difference between them and the heavy, bulky old fashion stuff they replace.

You can click on this link for the best architectural designs. The architects did a great job creating styrofoam shapes that mimic the typical building elements. Items are now available to replace architectural foams for columns, cornices, cladding, inscriptions, and more. Every decorative wood or concrete element you can think of is now available in foam.

Wooden designs not only easy to install, but they are maintenance-free as well. Decorative cornices on the outside of your home, which were once made of wood that was sensitive to moisture and rot, are now indestructible. The pillars that stood in front of a house, which was once made of heavy concrete requiring a crane to be installed, now appear powerless.

Much of the new transitional architecture used in new homes today looks spectacular when topped with pillars and cornices. Now you can easily use architectural foam products to define your space with a vaulted ceiling and give it a dramatic look. 

In the past, it was very expensive for most homeowners to build and install wooden pillars around the house. Styrofoam molds are simple and easy to install. No heavy brackets are required to ensure they stay in place.