An Informative Guide to Creative Director in the UK

A creative director is a person who makes high-level creative decisions and uses those decisions to oversee the creation of creative assets such as advertisements, products, events, or logos.

What does a creative director do?

The creative executive in UK is basically a project manager and team leader of the creative department. He is responsible for the quality of the work performed by this department and for ensuring that every product delivered fulfills the creative vision of the client.

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The creative director and his team can work on all kinds of projects such as Marketing campaigns, video game production, magazine publishing, and clothing line development. Each of these diverse projects has one thing in common: each has a unique sound and style. 

The specific responsibilities of the creative director may vary from company to company. However, in general, they will likely include:

  • Meet with clients or other internal professionals to develop a creative vision for each project

  • Translating general marketing objectives into concrete strategies

  • Lead the creative team as they create all the marketing materials

  • Review the creative team's work, fix bugs, and provide feedback or request revisions

  • Management of inquiries and suggestions to customers

  • In addition, because creative directors usually lead their departments, they are often responsible for planning departmental budgets and developing deadlines for delivery.

Creative directors play an important role in the development of marketing campaigns and other projects.