All About Whole Bean Coffee

When it comes to coffee there are so many different flavors and options , it can almost seem confusing. But if you want a rich, pure cup of coffee, you've no doubt found for yourself that buying whole bean coffee online is a better choice. The best coffee is the freshest coffee, and coffee beans are the freshest you can get. 

Pre-ground coffee has been brewing anywhere from a couple of days to many months, and it's not the same as brewing a cup of coffee immediately after grinding the beans. Even the cheapest coffee bean blends taste good if you grind the beans and brew immediately afterward.

If you have the opportunity to buy good whole bean coffee in bulk, then it is worth freezing the unopened bags. This helps keep them fresh longer. Of course, coffee beans have a disadvantage: you have to grind the beans. For most of us that means buying a coffee grinder.

 If you're in a hurry, it can be annoying having to go through the extra step of grinding the beans, but once you sit down with that beautiful cup of coffee, you'll forget the extra time it took to brew. The euphoria can even carry you through the task of cleaning the coffee grinder!

The reality is that coffee beans are not an instant coffee solution: it takes time to get the perfect cup of coffee. So if flavor isn't really of the utmost importance to you, or you lack time or patience, then you're better off sticking with instant coffee varieties. 

Unfortunately, most people can't get over the instant gratification approach of today's society, and tossing a spoonful of coffee into a cup and pouring over hot water is about as instant as it gets.