All About Wedding Flowers

Using a professional to preserve your flowers is the most efficient and reliable way to keep your flowers. Professionals usually use the freeze-dry method, also known as lyophilization, which takes approximately four weeks.

Each flower must be placed separately in the freezer. Therefore, the first step to the freeze-drying process is to clip each flower individually. The stems should be about one inch tall. After each flower is clipped, it is placed in the freezer. This freezer will be set at a temperature of about twenty degrees Fahrenheit below zero. All of the moisture is than removed from the flowers using a vacuum. After they are dried, the flowers are gradually restored to room temperature.

A professional should be consulted about two months before the wedding in order to guarantee they will have the time and the room to preserve your flowers or Wedding Flower Preservation. When choosing a professional, you should talk to them regarding the following steps in the freeze-drying process. Without all of these steps, you might be disappointed in the long run.

* You want them to pre-treat and re-hydrate the flowers before freeze-drying them. If this is not done, the color of the flowers may fade and they may not look at natural.

* You may want to ask if they photograph each bouquet so they will reassemble them correctly. Remember that in order to freeze dry them, each flower is set in the freezer separately.

* After the freeze-drying process, you want them to post-treat them. During the post-treatment, they will dip each flower into a solution that will create a transparent layer. This layer will protect the flowers from things such as light and humidity.

You may have to ship the flowers to the preservationist. In order to do this safely, the flowers should be laid in a large plastic bag. In order to keep the flowers fresh, you should blow air into the bag, twist the bag shut and put it into the refrigerator. You will not want the shipment of these flowers to take more than two days.