All About PlayStation VR

The hardware upgrade for PlayStation VR is in progress. The latest version, model number CUHZVR2 has a new design that allows for the use of a stereo headset cable with VR headphones as well as an easier and thinner connection cable. 

The processor is also updated that allows HDR switching, which allows gamers to stream the HDR-compatible PS4 content on their TV without turning off the processor in between your TV as well as the PS4 system. This function is only employed in conjunction with you turning off the VR headset is off. You can hop over to this site to purchase PSVR lens adapter.

The packaging of PlayStation VR will change slightly when the updated model arrives in retailers. You can look for the model's number on the box and you can tell the distinction. 

The updated PS VR model number is CUH-ZVR2. Additionally, the images of the product are being updated to reflect the changes to the new model like B. headphones that are integrated into VR headsets.

PlayStation VR lets you experience the future of gaming via virtual reality with PlayStation VR, your PS VR device, and PS4 and PS cameras. The majority of games utilize DualShock 4 wireless controllers. DualShock 4 wireless controller. 

A lot of PS VR games allow you to improve your experience with 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers, however, there are a variety of games with 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers that require an additional controller. 

Farpoint is one of the PS VR exclusive sci-fi games utilizes a PS VR Aim Controller to give you a precise and realistic method of controlling the game.