A Review of the Court Reporting Profession

You may not know it, but court reports have been around for a long time. It may not be as old as the evidence-based defense of innocence and guilt, but it's an important part of transforming justice. 

With the introduction of reliable judicial reporting, the legal and judicial professions have taken decisive steps towards modernizing procedures. If you want to hire a professional court reporter, navigate to stenographers.com/court-reporting-services/.

The past

A legal reporter began recording important records of court proceedings in no time. The use of shorthand allows for faster writing while maintaining an almost verbatim record of the spoken exchanges that took place in court.

The Present

Today, stenotype machines are being hooked up into computers while other court reporting methods such as voice writing and electronic court reportage emerged and become widely used.


Court reporters will remain in demand in the future, especially as the number of indictments, court cases, etc. increases. Other applications will continue to open for these individuals that have proper training, experience, and skills.

With the degree that technology is advancing at present, it is likely that new technological advances in audio recording will create better methods of court reporting. Legal journalists have no reason to fear these advancements because better technology usually means better and bigger applications.