5 Things Considered In Determining LED Upgrades

Here are some general guidelines to help you determine whether an upgrade LED is the right choice for you:

1.) Is the lighting located in a house where the main population is older or have mobility issues?

If a replacement LED's produce light level is sufficient, LED alternatives are perfect for use in homes where safety is a top priority. Browse around this site  for LED upgrades.

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2.) Is the initial cost of the main factors in determining whether you are going to upgrade?

The nature of the current white LED market means prices are still relatively high, especially compared to traditional lighting. 

3.) Is the light that lies in the sun in the daytime light or high heat areas?

High levels of heat will noticeably shorten the life of any LED, particularly white LED. When considering LED, try to ensure that both the equipment and the location allows for passive cooling enough to avoid color-shift and longevity issues. 

4.) Do you need to reduce the heat output than traditional light sources?

In the bathroom, laundry room, and small spaces, conventional lighting can produce uncomfortable heat. LED lighting is great for these areas because they do not produce heat and because it is affordable illuminating smaller areas with far fewer LEDs gift from a challenge.

5.) Is it an important brightness for applications?

LED directional by nature, so as to strive to meet the expectations of certain brightness over a wide area is not the best use of the LED light. The current crop of standard fluorescent tubes or high-bay lighting might be more efficient for this application